Tips on Choosing Wedding Food and Saving Money

Every woman’s wedding day is a sensitive and emotional day and at the same time fun and is a day that she will enjoy and remember for the rest of her life and everyone that attended the ceremony will also remember this special day as weddings make people feel good especially the wedding food. Indian marriages are especially famous due to their cuisine as great importance is emphasized on the food so that their guests leave with a smile on their faces.

Weddings are one of the best occasions where guests enjoy a variety of foods to the fullest and most people use this time to have fun and eat. And in years to come one can sit and share these cherished memories with their family and friends. To make a wedding a great success a significant amount of importance is put into the food arrangements and a menu should be impressive as well as tasty and one should also take into consideration the quests requirements before finalizing a menu.

In today’s times wedding food caterers is your best option which will avoid any problems or hassles. Wedding caterers are able to cater for any culture or religion in Mississippi and a menu should comprise of all the flavors of that particular country as well as have a traditional touch.

The hottest trends are now accented with beautiful linen and staggering floral arrangements and seated dinners are by the wayside as guests don’t like been seated as this tends to spoil the atmosphere and make it rigid. The most trendy foods served is sushi as many people are more health conscious and also raw bars have become popular were oysters, shrimp cocktails and cheviche are served with avocado salad and crab.

In addition to raw bars and sushi many people are fusing other cuisines such as marinated meats and stuffed seafood which has a Mexican or Cuban flavor. One can now have a fantastic wedding which will cost around $10 000. There is of course still all time favorites that people love such a mashed potato bar which is considered as comfort foods and comprise of butter, sweet potatoes and garlic which are served to the guess in Martini glasses topped with different sauces such as ground beef, bacon and cheddar cheese, creamy shrimp and crab sauce.

Some of Mississippi’s wedding foods is picking up on trends such as soup bars whereby butternut soups mixed with root vegetables as well as shrimp and crab bisques are served. In summer gazpacho is popular and is usually served as a palate cleanser if the other foods were spicy. One has to consider not only the cost but also the quality of food that is served.

Wedding food is probably the most important part of any wedding besides the wedding dress and if you are on a tight budget you could also consider catering for the different age groups this way everyone will be satisfied and will be able to eat and no one will leave with an empty stomach.

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Match Your Wedding Food to Your Venue

A great celebration has great food. Not only that, but the style of the menu should make sense with the style of the event. These are some tips on how to match your wedding food to your venue to create the reception style that you desire.

What would you think if you went to a five star restaurant and they served you chicken nuggets? Or if you went to a cocktail party and were served foods requiring a knife and fork to eat, yet you had to eat standing up? When the food does not match the place, the meal feels out of whack, and makes for a bad experience, even if it is delicious food. That is why it is so important to plan a menu for your wedding which suits the location and general style of your wedding! It is not about one type of food being better than another, but rather choosing the meal which makes sense for the party you are having.

Some brides are traditional. They like pearl bridal jewelry sets, engraved invitations, and country club wedding receptions. For that type of wedding, a fairly traditional style of menu would be appropriate. Think filet mignon, roasted asparagus, and red bliss potatoes. It may not be creative, but it will be delicious prepared well. After all, people love going to classic steak houses like Ruth Chris for a reason – the food is familiar, but prepared exceeding well. That is the perfect combination for a traditional wedding. Just be aware that traditional foods which are not prepared and presented well (dry chicken, unseasoned vegetables, cold potatoes) make for an utterly forgettable dinner and will detract from the experience of your wedding.

Some brides are modern. Maybe your dream wedding is one held in a unique space like an alternative art gallery or an urban loft. The traditional country club dinner would feel entirely too standard for a reception with a contemporary flair. Opt for more creative and contemporary cuisine to suit the style of your wedding. Stations work particularly well for this type of reception, as it allows you to offer your guests an eclectic selection of your favorite foods, whether you love Asian-fusion, heirloom bacon, or sushi. Just be sure that you have enough recognizable foods that all of your guests will be able to find plenty of things they will want to eat.

Some brides are casual. Perhaps you love weddings held in fields, handcrafted bridal jewelry sets, and bluegrass music. Exotic cuisine would seem out of place at your wedding, so opt for down-home favorites, with an emphasis on comfort foods. A buffet style or family service works best for very informal receptions. You could have a mashed potato bar, mac and cheese shooters, chicken fried steak, fried green tomatoes, or whatever else floats your boat. Feel free to include regional favorites like shrimp and grits or Texas brisket on the menu too. One important thing to remember when serving very casual foods is to make the presentation pretty enough for a wedding. Foods should also have a definite homemade appeal, which means no mac and cheese from a box.

Matching the style of the wedding food to the location just makes good sense. So if you are having your wedding on a farm, include plenty of farm-fresh vegetables, goat cheese, and the like. For a beach wedding, opt for foods with a tropical flair like fresh fish and pineapple. When the menu matches the venue, the entire wedding experience will be enhanced.

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Top Wedding Food Trends to Follow for a Fantastic Wedding

If you recently got engaged and have your wedding preps running in full swing, one of the things you can’t compromise on arranging is good food. Food is probably one of the few things, including the wedding reception venue, which find the success of a wedding reception. Guests remember weddings because of food; extremely bad food or outstandingly delicious food. Clearly, you want to choose the latter: outstandingly delicious food, for your wedding.

Here are some wedding foods trends that you’ve got to follow. Feed your guests the most scrumptious, mouth-watering and delicious food while keeping it fancy yet classy.

1. Think Bite Size

When it comes to food for wedding, the new way of serving even main courses is to go small – shrink the size of the part and increase the number of items. This allows you to offer your guests more variety of food at a not so exceeding budget.

2. Forget Forks

Serve food on skewers or toothpicks – this new way of serving food is a great way to make the food look more attractive and at the same time save you from cutlery expenses. No cutlery, no cost! Finger foods and dry items are trending at most weddings; serves bring trays of delicacies decorated beautifully that guests can have on the go.

3. Go Healthy

Think healthy when you’re selecting food for your wedding. Today, wedding food is all about different types of fruits that fit the palette perfectly. A combination of fruits does not only add color to the fruit trays, but keeps you away from eating heavy. Fruit is fulfilling, healthy and satisfying.

4. Pick Breakfast

Who said you can’t serve breakfast on your wedding? Serve waffles, pan cakes, or a waffle basket with salmon or tuna strips for a wedding brunch or even a wedding reception dinner! You can also serve yogurt with a combination of seasonal fruits as appetizers or dessert. Yogurt, nuts and fruits joined blend well together. Your guests will love the idea and will be an element of surprise and excitement.

5. Juice it up with Fresh Juices

A spring wedding without fresh juices just doesn’t ring the right bells. This is one of the top wedding food trends to follow; many couples are replacing liquor and drinks with fresh juices, tea and coffee. This is brilliant for the hosts; you don’t have to drive home someone with a hangover. In addition, saves you many bills in your pocket.

6. Don’t Desert the Dessert

Make sure you put an end to the reception with a lip-smacking dessert. Offer something sweet, like a dessert bar, or a mini dessert to serve the sweet tooth and have a sweet ending to the reception. Dessert options can have cup cakes, a wedding cake, pudding, pastries, tarts, etc.

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How to Choose Wedding Food That’s Perfectly Pleasing

Wedding food is very important when planning the perfect wedding day. Some of the things you need to decide upon are the time of day you will be serving; whether it is sit-down or buffet; the number of guests and their tastes; and, of course, your food budget.

The first thing to decide is if the wedding reception will be morning, noon, or night. Once that is decided you will then be able to start putting together a tasty menu.

For a Morning Reception

This is a less expensive way to go, but can still be very nice; it can be strictly a breakfast or a brunch. Breakfast foods can be foods such as fruit, omelets, pastries, and pancakes whereas, for a brunch, include some of the breakfast items along with other things like smoked salmon, bagels, cheese etc.

For a Midday Reception

This is becoming a very popular alternative but figuring out a menu can be a bit challenging as it’s too late for lunch but too early for tea.

The wedding food should be easy to eat such as a fresh fruit medley, cookies, small wedges of pies, fruit tarts, and small ├ęclairs. Serve a wide variety of things, but always in small portions.

For a Tea Reception

If your wedding food budget does not allow for a full meal then a tea reception is quite lovely and not nearly as expensive. With finger sandwiches and a dessert table to include cookies, candy and cake you’re all set to have a very elegant party.

For a Dinner Reception

The most formal and most costly reception is, of course, dinner. There are so many choices regarding the menu, the serving style and even the theme. You must decide if you want a traditional sit-down dinner or a buffet with or without specific food stations.

After you have determined the time of day for your wedding reception, you are then ready to make menu selections. If you have a wedding theme that might suggest a specific food type you will want to take that into consideration. If this is the case it will help narrow the wedding food options to a more manageable choice.

By all means get a per head quote based on several menu options; you will then know upfront what the final cost will be so you can make the best decision.

Don’t forget to find out if your wedding facility has a kitchen. If they do not then there will probably be additional charges if your caterer has to bring equipment.

If you are planning to do the wedding food yourself, you would also need to know about the facilities at the wedding facility

At the time you are planning food for your wedding reception consider any special dietary needs you know of among your guests; be sure to provide a vegetarian option. Most caterers are prepared to serve some special dishes to comply with these needs.

These wedding food ideas and tips will help your guests enjoy your wedding but do remember that they didn’t come for the food, but to share in celebrating the two of you joining together to start a new and exciting life.

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